The Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. approach to negotiating with IRS to get an IRS levy release or IRS wage garnishment release is simple. First, we speak with you, the taxpayer, about the issues that led to your income tax debt. You will receive our personal, undivided attention even if we know they are not going to become our client. Taxpayers can learn what can be done to help them; how long it will take from start to finish; and how much all the necessary services will cost.

Distressed taxpayers can easily review our fees on this website. Our fees are the same for everyone. All prospective clients can see for themselves the total cost of these services and representations with IRS. IRS levy release and IRS wage garnishment release clients can see their approximate cost in advance of their consultation. Most competitors don’t post their fees right on their websites because they are overly expensive.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. cheerfully provides every single taxpayer with good information and answers to all of their questions about IRS tax levy on wages and an IRS wage garnishment issues. All taxpayers are requested to be prepared when they call since this office will ask a lot of questions pertaining to their specific IRS levy situation. Detailed preparation will help everyone determine the necessary facts and financial information needed to provide the most accurate analysis possible. It’s important to remember that the IRS telephone representatives often will not extend the same courtesy. They are only interested in how much monthly income a caller currently makes and how fast that unpaid tax can be repaid.

IRS wage garnishment release and IRS tax levy release clients of this firm are encouraged to look over our website(s) prior to calling in for your consultation. The IRS has numerous requirements that must be met prior to issuing an IRS wage garnishment release or IRS tax levy release. It is important to have all of the required information available in order to obtain the best IRS levy help we can provide. Prepared callers will have as much of this information on hand as possible. Fast IRS levy release service results in happy clients.

What are the IRS Wage Levy Release factors that determine how quickly delinquent taxpayers can get a full paycheck?

1. Number and years of unfiled tax returns.
2. An approximate amount of tax debt owed (if known).
3. What years are listed on each IRS wage garnishment or IRS wage levy notice.
4. Current monthly income for each person.
5. Current monthly expenses for the household.
6. Bank account information including current balances.
7. Most recent pay stubs with year-to-date totals.


The very best IRS help team, led by our IRS Tax Attorney, knows exactly what information is required by IRS is just the beginning to get that IRS wage levy release.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. represents each client from the same viewpoint as a trained IRS representative in the IRS Automated Collection Service (ACS). Knowledge of the IRS systems is key to a successful IRS wage garnishment release. The IRS has created special rules and tables and precise calculations that must be followed in this process. Knowledge of those “Collection Standards” puts IRS in the driver’s seat and unfortunate taxpayers at a disadvantage.

That’s right, the IRS uses their rules and regulations against you to obtain the highest balance of income tax owed. This isn’t something to be angry about because you have rights and options. IRS Collection representatives know that most taxpayers lack the knowledge and expertise to resolve their tax issues efficiently. That’s why Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides callers and clients with as much information as possible with a single phone call. The main goal is to educate taxpayers about the IRS wage garnishments release process and to stop your IRS wage garnishment in one (1) day.

IRS Wage Levy Facts

FACT 1: The IRS can be very intimidating

The IRS is an intimidating force in the minds of many people. Just those three words instill fear or anger or a sense of hopelessness in the minds of many United States citizens. An untold number of books and pamphlets and websites stir up visions of torture and abuse. IRS Automatic Collection Service representatives will not tell you what your options are. They want to close your case, get you to agree to an installment plan and be done with you.

FACT 2: All IRS Collection representatives must follow all of the hundreds of extremely detailed IRS tax levy and IRS wage levy release rules and regulations

The IRS must follow a series of legal guidelines, rules, regulations and procedures in order to determine if they can apply an IRS wage levy or IRS wage garnishment against anyone, so they can’t just do anything they want to do (although it often seems like they do it anyway). There is a specific type of IRS tax levy calculation that has to be made and the IRS does not have to check their math unless they are challenged to do so. Our IRS Tax Attorney knows exactly how the IRS makes this calculation, but we also know how to make it in the most beneficial way for you. Any challenges to the IRS calculation must be framed the right way and the correct figures must be provided and supported.

FACT 3: The IRS Can Bluff You But Not Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

The IRS trains its representatives to be honest and polite and knowledgeable. However, some IRS employees go rogue and bluff, bluster and push taxpayers around. Many taxpayers call the IRS directly to attempt get a wage levy or wage garnishment release on their own; sadly, the IRS telephone representatives know that most troubled taxpayers don’t know all of those rules and regulations mentioned in FACT 1. One of the most important goals that those IRS reps have is to collect as much tax money from troubled taxpayers as quickly as possible. The Internal Revenue Manual doesn’t make this process easy for taxpayers suffering from an IRS wage levy; however, the IRS must follow their own rules.

Many of our clients have already experienced severe IRS collection pressure for themselves before seeking out side help from an IRS wage levy release expert. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. may be able to get an actual IRS wage levy release issued in as little as a couple of hours. One simple fact explains the reason. The IRS reps know that we know all those rules and regulations so we can’t be treated in the same manner as inexperienced taxpayers. Remember, there are thousands and thousands of unfortunate taxpayers out there who want and need quick and trouble-free IRS levy release assistance that will save their paychecks.

FACT 4: The IRS Wants To Make Money

Over the years, we’ve spoken to hundreds of IRS representatives and 99% of them are courteous and honest. That being said, it is the responsibility of the IRS that these people work for to collect as much money from delinquent taxpayers as quickly as possible. Pay close attention to this warning: never be fooled into thinking that everyone working for the IRS is trying to help you resolve your tax debt in the most taxpayer-friendly manner possible. Most of them are great people, but there are still some rude and rough ones out there. The main goal of IRS Collection Department employees is to collect as much money from everyone as quickly as possible. Period.




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