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Wage Garnishment/ Bank Levy Release

Can You Live Off of 50% of Your Paycheck?

Of course you can't. When the IRS or state has tried to collect your back income taxes unsuccessfully, they will begin to seize your assets. Assets can be your bank account(s) and/or your paycheck and wages. So by not opening letters or returning phone calls they will take the next step. This process is called a “levy”. When the IRS seizes your wages, it’s commonly termed a “wage garnishment”. IT's really called a levy

The IRS, taxing authorities, are legally allowed to:

Seize Bank accounts
Demand payment from accounts receivable (yes, if someone owes you money, they will have to pay the IRS and not you.. effectively putting you out of business)
Take control of property for auction
Assume title on vehicles.
Virtually anything of value can be seized to satisfy the outstanding income tax debt. Levies and wage garnishment can be the most stressful and humiliating of all collection tactics. The IRS will do this to force taxpayers into willful compliance. We do not recommend that you go at this alone.


The best IRS help team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., is led by an IRS Tax Attorney who will contact the IRS IMMEDIATELY to release you wage garnishment and/or levy.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has been very successful in getting levies lifted and garnishments stopped. Most often, our clients get their IRS wage garnishment stopped in one day. Our IRS Tax Attorney knows your rights as a taxpayer and our IRS help team is here to help. If you are at this point, then your best bet is to seek out our professional help to put a stop to further IRS enforcement action.


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