IRS Tax Forgiveness - Yahooooooooo!!!!!!

Our great team has "done it again". Our client Chris O. from Kent, Ohio came to us with his IRS tax problem. He owed $37,000 which he could not pay. Working with our Tax Lawyer, we put together Chris' Offer in Compromise package. We protected Chris from IRS enforcement action during the Offer in Compromise process.

Today we announce that Chris has settled his $37,000 income tax debt for a grand total of $500. That's what we at Flat Fee tax Service, Inc. call a real tax debt relief. This is the "Fresh Start" that Chris deserves. 

We can't settle every tax debt as everyone is different. We can resolve them all. We can't tell you if we can settle your income tax debt as we have for Chris and so many other clients. We would need to speak to you first so that we have your information. 

Give us a call for your free and confidential consultation. Let's find out what we can do for you.



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