Congratulations to our client Rheagan W. from Addison, Alabama. Rheagan’s mom originally called us because Rheagan was embarassed and afraid to call us. Rheagan had been a truck driver who leased her truck. With the business downturn, Rheagan lost the truck and found herself with a $17,000 income tax debt. She needed 1 tax year filed. She also had a visit from the Revenue Officer assigned to case. Needless to say, she was in trouble. Our client, Rheagan, could only find work at a daycare center. Our team of professionals at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. went to work. Today, our client has settled her $17,000 income tax debt for a total of $250. She received the Fresh Start that she desperately needed. Our team came through again.

This is what our client had to say:

“Praise God! I thank him everyday for leading me to call you that day and you will never know what a burden you have taken from our shoulders! Thank You is just not enough! You are making a difference in people’s lives and I am forever grateful.”



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