The Non-stop Tax Collecting Machine from the IRS

For the financially struggling taxpayer who has ever felt anxious, nervous, or uneasy whenever a man in a suit comes knocking at your door fearing that it could be an IRS agent, or have ever received a letter or call from a local IRS agent, then you need all the of the IRS help that they can get. If you, a taxpayer, is facing a federal income tax issue or if they are uncertain of the tax situation with the IRS, do not ever face it alone.

Plan For Your IRS Success

When you have an income tax debt, you need a strategy, a plan to achieve success. Contact the best IRS tax help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. and find out what kind of plan is right for you.

The best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. are experienced IRS tax relief attorneys serving the entire USA. Our team of IRS professionals have an A Plus BBB rating and have never had a client complaint.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides aggressive representation before the IRS. We help financially struggling taxpayer fight the non-stop tax-collection machine from the IRS. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is a tax relief law firm that specializes in various tax-related reliefs such as Currently Not Collectible (CNC), a remedy which lets people avoid tax collection action from the IRS and puts off payment from anything against their income tax liability.

Our IRS help team also prepares IRS settlements through the Offer in Compromise program (OIC), a remedy that allows someone to straighten out their income tax liabilities for less than the full amount of your income tax debt. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. provides forceful representation before the IRS, making our IRS tax attorney a natural defense against unlawful seizures of the IRS. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. also offers other tax related services such as Installment Agreement, Penalty Abatement, Tax Lien Release, Bank Levy, Late Tax Returns, Tax Debt, Wage Garnishment, and many more.


The IRS is a government entity tasked with collecting the income tax from working residents and companies. Negotiating with them directly requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and a wide range of experience with the current IRS tax laws. Our IRS tax attorney can assist with IRS tax situations, so one doesn't have to face the IRS alone. Never make the mistake of facing the IRS alone because the IRS will use their extensive knowledge of customer relations to persuade people in paying taxes that are unnecessary. Dealing with income tax debt related cases can be a bother, especially if a person has no experience with the topic. That’s why Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. offers to assist with the issue brought by the tax agencies.

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