The Fastest Way To Stop An IRS Wage Garnishment

The fastest way to stop the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) an IRS wage garnishment / IRS wage levy on your check or levying your bank account is to do all you can to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The answer to this question is to call the best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. and have our IRS Tax Attorney stop and release your IRS wage garnishment in one day. That's as fast as you can get.

This can be done by making sure that you don’t have an outstanding balance with the IRS and if you do, taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you’re doing what you can to make a payment every month. This type of arrangement can be done between yourself and the IRS, or you can hire a tax representative to do it for you.

You Could Agree on a Payment and Stick to It, or Else…

Once you’ve made an official agreement with the IRS about monthly payments, you are obligated to make good on this agreement without defaulting. Defaulting or even being late on at least one payment can render your original agreement void. At that point, you’ll be obligated to pay the full amount immediately. So, the next step is for the IRS to start garnishing your wages or even possibly levying your bank account.
One way or another, the IRS will collect what you owe them.
It’s ultimately up to you as to how they’re going to do it.


When You’re All Out of Options:

If you’ve already reached the point where the IRS will not allow you the option to make a monthly payment arrangement, then your next step is to hire a tax relief professional who understands tax laws a little better than you. You’ll want to get someone who has successfully dealt with tax matters such as yours and can quickly resolve the situation from escalating to a wage garnishment or even a bank levy.

Finding the Right Tax Relief Firm

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is a tax relief firm located in San Diego, Calif. that serves struggling taxpayers throughout the United States. With an A Plus BBB rating and being Accredited by the BBB, we specialize in resolving income tax issues. Resolving your income tax debt problems means: Yes, we can get you an Installment Agreement that you can live with, place you into Currently not Currently status, or settle your entire income tax debt through the Offer in Compromise program. No case is too complicated for Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. to handle. Our talented team of IRS tax lawyers, tax preparers and IRS tax professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about your tax problem. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. knows how to communicate with the IRS and alleviate the stress that you might be dealing with in regards to preventing your bank account from being levied.

Knowing Tax Laws

It’s quite easy to feel like you might be in over your head with your tax situation, and quite frankly, it’s normal to feel that way. Unless you’re an IRS tax attorney that deals with IRS wage garnishments and IRS settlements on a daily basis,you aren’t really expected to know all of the IRS tax laws. You do not know what your rights are and what your options are. However, should you find yourself in a compromising position regarding your taxes, call the best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. and find out what is possible.


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