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The best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will be a superb tax debt help to you in resolving many tax problems. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive assortment of IRS debt relief informational articles and guides to dealing with particular tax problems.

The IRS tax code is designed to be complex and confusing, so it is generally recommended that you work with a seasoned tax lawyer. If you are unsure of the best tax debt help, what solutions you may qualify for, or you don’t really have the time to work with the IRS, feel free to call us for your free and confidential consultation.

Tax Debt Help

Every day of the week, there are twenty (20) million taxpayers suffering from the overwhelming burden and stress of IRS tax debt. Recent changes in the tax laws the IRS has made it easier for financially struggling taxpayers to obtain Tax Debt Relief. The new changes for IRS Tax Debt Relief is called the "Fresh Start Initiative".

Tax Debt Help – How to Settle With the IRS

Whether you are looking for information on stopping an IRS wage garnishment, tax forgiveness through the offer in compromise, penalty abatement, innocent spouse relief, prepare missing tax returns or you want to find more out about tax settlement services, Tax Debt Help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has information and guides on IRS settlement for your unique tax and financial situation.

Tax Debt Help - IRS Payment Plans

Not sure what payment plan to use to pay off those taxes that you can’t pay in full? Find detailed instructions on which payment plan to use depending upon how much you owe and your current financial situation. Read more about our services related to helping with IRS payment plans.

Tax Problems

Do you know what your IRS problem is but don’t know the best solution? Read more about your problem on our website to get a better understanding of it and how we can provide tax debt help for you. be able to formulate a plan of attack to help with your unique tax problem.


Tax Debt Help: Information on IRS Problems & Solutions

We all know the IRS is extremely complex and it is no surprise that so many people run into tax problems each year and are in need of tax debt help. There are many different problems that taxpayers run into for various different reasons. The IRS understands that problems do arise and they have created methods to make things easier on individuals. The IRS is willing to work with individuals on resolving their tax tax problems as long as they are upfront about their problem and make the appropriate tax filings to correct the situation. Even if there is a problem that exists that the IRS does not have a solution for, there are tax professionals that can you with the right tax debt help. So if you think there is no way out, you can be assured there is a solution to every tax problem out there.

If you call Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we will explain to you the nature of your IRS tax problem and the strategies our Tax lawyers can use to resolve it permanently so it no longer threatens your economic life.

You may decide to ask us to resolve your IRS problem for you; to deal with the IRS so you don’t have to. That will be your decision to make after you clearly understand what our Tax Lawyers will do to help you, how we will do it and how much it will cost.

Whether or not you hire us, we will still give you a free consultation to frame your IRS tax problem and suggest methods for resolving it permanently. Any and all conversations we have with you are confidential, whether or not we end up working together.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Give us a call to unload some of your worry.



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