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An IRS levy is often confused with a federal tax lien, an IRS tax levy or IRS wage garnishment occurs when the IRS actually seizes wages, income, bank accounts, social security payments, disability payments, accounts receivables, insurance proceeds, real property, personal property, and/or personal residence as severance for what you owe them. An IRS tax lien, simply gives the IRS a recorded right to your property. In effect, this means that you cannot dispose of your assets (i.e. sell your home). A federal tax lien will likely appear as negative history on your credit report. Unlike the federal tax lien, an IRS levy can devastate your life. You can risk losing your home and all monetary means if not taken care of properly. Fortunately for you, the best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we can have an IRS wage levy stopped and released in one day.

Stopping an IRS wage levy is only a short-term solution to a larger income tax debt problem that needs final resolution. Therefore, any IRS wage levy release must be immediately followed by a long term strategy developed to either reduce or eliminate your underlying income tax debt. As such, we strongly recommend that any IRS garnishment release or attempted release be performed by an experienced IRS tax attorney, as it often includes a financial statement followed by complex negotiation.

This holds particularly true when dealing with an IRS Revenue Officer refusing to release the garnishment. In such instances we typically initiate a "CAP Appeal," or Collection Appeal Program with the Revenue Officer's branch office. An impartial third party then evaluates the appeal and determines the fairness or appropriateness of the IRS garnishment. Revenue Officers particularly dislike CAP appeals as they stop current garnishments and the appeals officer usually rules in favor of the client so long as the tax attorney proposes a reasonable alternative to the garnishment.

If currently faced with an IRS wage levy or believe an IRS levy is imminent, contact Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. today! Let the best IRS help team put together a strategy that not only stops your IRS wage garnishment but also possibly eliminates your tax debt forever.


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