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At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we fight the IRS for you! Our IRS Tax Attorneys stop liens, IRS tax levies, and wage garnishments. We eliminate or reduce your IRS tax debt! We provide you with a FREE consultation! An experienced tax attorney has more training, education, technical skill, experience and overall ability than an adverse IRS agent. Thus, the tax attorney is in a position to identify faulty logic, argue the correct law, and negate incomplete factual determinations.

Our IRS tax attorneys are able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your situation and get the best settlement for you. Inside knowledge of IRS thinking, procedures and personnel are advantageous in negotiating the best possible IRS tax debt settlement. Our IRS tax relief team has varying degrees of knowledge, skill, and ability. This is where the skill, knowledge, and creativity of our IRS tax attorneys are demonstrated for your benefit and IRS tax relief.

Our dedicated IRS tax attorneys and federal tax lawyers can help find the best possible solution for your federal tax situation and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf for IRS tax relief.

IRS Lawyers - IRS Tax Attorneys

Dealing with IRS tax debt settlement involves navigating the complicated maze of U.S. tax law. IRS tax attorneys have the knowledge of tax law and expertise needed to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reduce your tax debt and resolve your issues. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. offers tax relief assistance that can help you settle tax debt for a fraction of the amount owed. With the help of our IRS tax lawyers, you can eliminate interest charges and penalties, and even remove a federal tax lien. Our tax relief professionals can prevent or stop an IRS wage garnishment in one day, provide effective tax debt solutions to property seizures, bank levies and other tax problems.

The IRS is one of the most powerful entities in the country and it has an army of attorneys on its side. Effective representation with an IRS tax attorney experienced in IRS and state tax debt is essential in order for you to defend your rights and protect your assets. With over 50 years of combined experience, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has both the broad IRS tax knowledge and the specific expertise in the form of an IRS tax attorney required to handle your case.

Our IRS tax attorneys have assisted thousands of clients to resolve their tax problems with the IRS. This includes halting an IRS wage garnishment within 24 hours, as well as, settling tax debts for much less than you actually owe.


Are you facing IRS tax debt problems?

Are you suffering from an IRS garnishment by the IRS?

IRS tax attorneys can resolve tax levies, tax liens, back taxes, and debt relief. Find Best IRS tax lawyer right now to get a free consultation. Tax attorneys are best for handling complex tax issues. With years of practical experience in complex tax settlements, appeals, tax enforcement, our IRS tax attorneys have negotiated many successful Offer in Compromise settlement cases.

The last thing your family needs is to be hit with an IRS garnishment on your wages. With the IRS levy abuse continuing, you may not receive the needed tax relief without engaging experienced IRS tax attorney. Don't wait until the IRS levy and seizure happens. Contact our team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. in advance to avoid an IRS levy or wage garnishment.

Be proactive and take control of your life. If you owe the IRS back taxes, you may have already experienced an IRS levy, IRS wage garnishment, seizure, or suffered from the filing of an IRS tax lien. In that case, your immediate objective is to get tax relief from the levy or wage garnishment. Our expert IRS tax attorneys can certainly prevent IRS levies, liens and garnishments just within 24 hours and surely can seek a resolution for your overwhelming tax debt.



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