Every year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends out nearly two million wage garnishment notices and notices to levy bank accounts. The President’s official 2016 Fiscal Year Budget boasted that the federal government had collected $56 million from IRS wage garnishments alone in 2014.

If you owe back taxes to the IRS and don’t respond to their payment notices, you may be subject to an IRS wage garnishment. IRS wage garnishment, (also referred to as wage attachment or IRS wage levy), is a legal way for the IRS who to withhold a specific sum from an employee’s wages to be paid directly to them.

IRS wage garnishments aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as other wage garnishments. For one, no court order...

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Your Best Bet Is This: Avoid An IRS Levy To Begin With

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can obtain a release of an IRS levy. Avoiding an IRS levy is a much better strategy. The IRS will negotiate with taxpayers – the key is to maintain the lines of communication. And if your tax problem is complex, you don’t have to and shouldn't go it alone. The experienced IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is available to help you deal with the IRS.


When the IRS issues a Notice of Intent To Levy", the IRS intends to levy and seize your assets. You have 30 days to challenge the tax levy to attempt tax resolution or pay the amount due.

If you ...

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Yes, the IRS can seize your Social Security to satisfy a tax debt.

In July 2000, not only did the new Federal Payment Levy Program (FPLP) allow the IRS to seize your Social Benefits paid to you, but it can also levy money that you've received from:

- Federal employee retirement annuities,

- Social Security Disability

- Veteran's Pension

- Federal payments made to you as a contractor/vendor doing business with the government (including Defense contracts),

- Federal employee travel advances or reimbursements,

- Some federal salaries.


Are you on Social Security? If you are and you have an IRS income tax debt, the IRS can size a minimum of 15% of your benefit check. You do not have to suffer and can most likely settle your income tax debt. Call the IRS tax help phone line at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.

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There are many options to resolve your unpaid tax debt:

1. You can agree with the IRS to make monthly installment payments,

2. You receive an IRS settlement through the IRS Offer in Compromise program,

3. You could eliminate the taxes in bankruptcy (there are restrictions), or,

4. You have an IRS hardship and have your tax debt placed into Currently not Collectible status.

Today we will focus on Currently not Collectible.

Currently not Collectible status occurs when the IRS agrees that you cannot afford to pay your tax debt. IRS enforcement would create an economic hardship for you. It is forbearance by the IRS, a break from enforcement that can last years. In fact, the Statute of Limitations could very well run out on your tax debt.

To obtain ...

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Dealing with IRS tax debt settlement involves navigating the complicated IRS Code. An IRS tax debt attorney has the knowledge of tax law and expertise needed to protect you from IRS enforcement. The Tax Debt Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf to reduce tax debt and resolve your IRS tax problems. Our tax relief team offers tax debt help to individuals and businesses with IRS debt problems.

The Internal Revenue Service has an army of tax lawyers looking out for their best interests; as a taxpayer, you should have the same benefit of an experienced tax debt attorney looking out for your personal security. our Tax Debt Attorneys have helped hundreds of clients to reduce tax debt and saved our cl...

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An “IRS Wage Garnishment” is an IRS tax collection tactic to intercept your money to pay your tax debt before you get a chance to spend it on something else.

There are two things you can do about an IRS wage garnishment:

1.Stop it from happening before it starts by contacting the IRS to resolve your tax problem; or

2.If the deductions have already started, let the IRS Tax Attorneys, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., stop your IRS wage garnishment.

IRS TAX RELIEF - IRS Wage Garnishment

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Federal Tax Lien

  • A Federal Tax Lien is a legal claim on your property for the tax debt owed.
  • A Federal Tax Lien is also the legal right to collect on the tax debt owed.
  • A Federal Tax lien starts when your tax debt is assessed and you don’t pay it. For example, if you file a tax return owing $50,000 and you do not pay it, then you will be “assessed” the past due tax, the IRS penalty, and interest on that $50,000.

The IRS will send you a “Notice and Demand” asking you to pay the assessed tax debt. You are usually given 10 days to make the payment. If you do not pay it within 10 days, then a Federal Tax Lien arises automatically dating back to the time the assessment was made. This is what I would call a silent tax lien or statutory lien because no one really knows it is there and it is created by federal statute, Internal Revenue Code sections 6321 and 6322.The statutory federal tax lien that arose when your tax liability was assessed allows the IRS to start collections. The IRS need not obtain a judgment like other creditors in order to forcibly collect monies due. In this regard, the IRS is a “super creditor.&rd...

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Owing money to the Internal Revenue Service can be stressful, but there are solutions which can provide you with tax debt relief. A Tax Lawyer will analyze your situation, explain what your options are and negotiate with the IRS.

If you have unpaid taxes or unfiled tax returns, or if you owe a significant amount of money as a result of a tax audit, you potentially face:

  1. IRS Tax penalties, which are added to your total tax bill and serve as a form of punishment for failing to pay your taxes according to the IRS's schedule.
  2. Federal Tax liens, which prioritizes the government's claim to your assets over that of other creditors. As a result of the lien, you'd be unable to sell your home or car, for example, without first removing the tax lien.
  3. IRS levy / IRS garnishment, which allows the federal to seize your property—such as your paycheck, your car, and your financial accounts—to satisfy your tax debt.


How a Tax Lawyer Can Help Resolve Your IRS Debt:

There are several ways to solve your tax debt problems, and your Tax Lawyer will help you decide which tax relief solution is right for you.

  • An IRS installment agreement or a payment plan is the option of last resort. An IRS payment plan allows you to pay your tax debt, plus any interest and penalties that accrue, over time. Typically you'll pay the IRS a pre-determined amount each month until your debt is paid in full. Anyone can "say yes" to what the IRS tells you to pay. You should have a Tax Lawyer negotiate the installment agreement.
  • An Offer in Compromise is the "ultimate" IRS settlement. A Tax Lawyer can prepare and submit an Offer in Compromise which will let you settle your taxes for less than the actual amount of your tax debt. The IRS will consider an Offer in Compromise settlement if full payment would cause you serious financial hardship. If you're currently in bankruptcy court you are ineligible for an offer in compromise. Should you be in bankruptcy, you will need to wait until your bankruptcy is discharged or dismissed.
  • When deciding whether to accept your Offer in Compromise, the IRS will consider several factors, including your income, living expenses and value of the assets you own. There is a non-refundable fee to apply, so you and your IRS Lawyers will want to carefully analyze your situation so as to make an Offer in Compromise that stands a realistic chance of being accepted.


Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is the nation's leading full-service tax resolution firm. IRS debt relief | tax debt relief help from our IRS Tax Lawyers. IRS tax relief companies can negotiate installment agreements. IRS tax debt relief problems can be helped with hardship status and Currently not Collectible if you have the right information.

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Innocent Spouse Tax Relief: How to File an Innocent Spouse Tax Form

The rules Innocent Spouse Tax Relief are long and complicated but you don't have to be stuck with your spouse's tax debt!

The IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can help fight back. Call our tax relief team today for your free and confidential consultation:

  1. Find out if you qualify for Innocent Spouse Tax Forgiveness.
  2. The New Rules to apply for Innocent Spouse tax relief can help you.

How to file for Innocent Spouse tax relief please read below:

The IRS announced that it will extend help to more innocent spouse tax relief by eliminating the two-year time limit that now applies to certain relief requests.

After a thorough review:

  1. The IRS will no longer apply the two-year limit to new equitable relief requests or requests currently being considered by the agency.
  2. A taxpayer, whose equitable tax relief request was previously denied solely due to the two-year limit, may reapply using IRS Form 8857 Request for Innocent Spouse Tax Relief if the collection statute of limitations for the tax years involved has not expired.
  3. The IRS will not apply the two-year limit in any pending litigation involving equitable relief, and where litigation is final, the agency will suspend collection action under certain circumstances.

The New Innocent Spouse Relief (Including Separation of Liability and Equitable Relief):

Many married taxpayers choose to file a joint tax return because of certain b...

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The Tax Settlement Attorneys, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., have assisted thousands of clients to resolve their tax debt problems with the IRS. This includes halting IRS collections just within 24 hours as well as settling your tax debts for much less than you actually owe. Are you facing tax problems? Are you being audited by the IRS? Our Tax settlement Attorneys can assist with understanding tax law and resolve tax levies, IRS garnishments, federal tax liens, back taxes, and tax relief.

The Tax Settlement Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. are best for handling complex tax issues. With years of successful hands-on experience in tax settlements, tax levies, IRS garnishments, Innocent Spouse and IRS hardships, our Tax Settlement Att...

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